Walled Garden data access programs and privacy laws keep evolving
You need to collaborate, but your data needs to be protected
Data clean rooms are too complicated
InCircle can help
Used by
Fortune 50 Brands
Emerging DTC Brands
Midsize Agencies
MarTech Companies
IT Consultancies
Exclusive Data and Technology
InCircle is different. We specialize in powerful analytics through Data Clean Rooms such as Google's Ads Data Hub
Impression-level Google Search, Display and YouTube
Google Identity: mobile, desktop and CTV
Bring your and your Partners' data
Industry-leading security of Google Cloud Compute (GCP)
Reduce Media Waste
Chart User Journeys
Collaborate Securely
How We Help
InCircle makes data-savvy Brands’ marketing substantially more efficient through event data-based measurement and analytics.

We extend your current marketing technology to leverage Walled Gardens’ emerging, cloud-based data clean rooms to access otherwise restricted data.
  • Access your Google Media Data in ADH

    Bring your own conversion data

    Layer on InCircle's modules

    Access data clean room expertise

Measure What Matters Most
Navigate ID Deprecation
Protect Your Data
Our leadership team
Deep expertise in marketing, data, identity and measurement
Sumit Shukla
CEO, Co-Founder
Li Qiu
CTO, Co-Founder